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Thank you firstly for your most excellent service and prompt delivery! The whole bundle has been superb! The placenta balm cleared up Q's awful nappy rash and provided her great relief! The placenta essence has been a miracle - before baby was born I purchased a famous anti colic solution and I can tell you now its seal has not been broken! Baby had a couple of drops in her milk before her 'colic' time and was generally tucked up in bed by 8.30 fast asleep but very settled prior to sleeping with very few tears at all! I add it still if she is having a slightly difficult day and I use it for my other children depending on mood/illnesses. I've popped a few drops in my coffee this morning because I feel a tad under the weather! We're nearly 3 months in now and it's been lovely. Thank you so much for everything! I will definitely be seeing you again for number 4 when that time comes!

Amanda has been really professional and kind in explaining the whole process in details. The kit was super handy to store the placenta and allowed us not to worry about the logistics bits.

Our baby was a little premature, but Amanda made herself available immediately upon request.

I am anaemic and had lost quiet some blood while giving birth. I have been taking the placenta pills for almost two months now and my haemoglobin levels went back to normal after few weeks and I got my energy back. Also, I experienced very little baby blues (less than a day). I definitely recommend Amanda and placenta encapsulation!

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the amazing service you have provided for me before, during and after having my baby girl, Jorgie is now 8 weeks old today and my pills have just run out this week. The benefits have been amazing, I have had much more milk than I did with my first baby, I haven't felt tired at all even with a 2 and a half year old as well, I've not had emotional days, just all happy. I put all this down to my placenta tablets. It seems too good to be true but they are amazing and every woman should do this... What a waste of a placenta to just dispose of it. I just wish the tablets lasted forever. Thank you again you have been amazing.


Amanda provided an absolutely wonderful service from start to finish. When I called with my initial queries regarding the benefits of placenta encapsulation and the process for the storage and collection of the placenta, Amanda spent ample time explaining everything to me and was more than happy to answer all of my questions regardless of how basic they were! Having spoken to other placenta encapsulation providers, none of them provided me with the level of professionalism, explanations and reassurances that Amanda did.

I took the pills as per the instructions and could feel the difference immediately, I had more energy, my mood was definitely more level and my post-partum bleeding stopped after two weeks. I would definitely recommend the service and will 100% be using Placenta Practice again when I decide to have another child!

Very happy to spread the word! I found the capsules, balm and essence so beneficial. Austin is great, keeping me on my toes that's for sure! Loving motherhood and hope that one day I will benefit from your services again!

I thoroughly recommend placenta encapsulation and Amanda's service. I did a great deal of research while I was pregnant and wanted the most natural and healthful birth possible. I have a history of postnatal depression in the family and so I wanted to do everything in my power to lessen the odds for myself. This led me to placenta encapsulation. Amanda was very professional, courteous, hygienic and fast. I contacted her the day of the birth and had the pills within 24 hours of pick-up. Despite a long and exhausting birth, I recovered quickly and felt very positive and energetic for as long as the pills lasted. I do believe the placenta pills had a big part in this and can only describe the experience as the difference between having bad PMT and not having PMT and when you have a newborn and many sleepless nights that difference means all the world for both you and everyone around you.

I was so glad I took the decision to encapsulate my placenta. Having suffered emotionally and physically after the birth of my first baby I really wanted to boost my energy and get the nutrients I needed the second time round. The capsules helped immensely. I felt revitalised, positive and much happier generally after taking them.

I decided to have my placenta encapsulated as I have heard that amongst other things, it can prevent post natal depression. Having suffered from depression in the past, this was something that I was very keen to avoid. I took the pills as prescribed and I felt good - people even commented on how great I looked! I would definitely recommend encapsulation and will be doing it again when I have my next child.

I was sceptical about placenta encapsulation and frankly the thought of it somewhat grossed me out. However, post natal depression runs in my family so I wanted to give myself the best chance for good mental and physical health post delivery. I am so glad I decided to use Amanda for this service. A traumatic birth experience followed by a week long stay in intensive care for my newborn wreaked havoc on my mind and body. I genuinely believe that the pills were a huge help in thwarting depression and boosting my milk supply and energy levels. Taken with a glass of orange juice, I couldn't tell the difference between these pills and any other vitamins in my regimen.