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Despite my wishes for delayed clamping, the umbilical cord was cut almost immediately after my emergency caesarean. Not wanting to see vitally healthy blood wasted, Amanda was kind enough to add a placenta tincture free of charge to my order - a thoughtful and generous gift on her part that can be used for a lifetime!

Whatever type of birth you have takes a toll on your body and it takes time to heal. I think that placenta encapsulation is a wonderfully holistic way to aid this healing inside and out. I feel the placenta tablets gave me emotional stability by helping to balance my hormones after the birth, supporting my inside healing. The cream helped my skin survive those early broken nights making me felt I looked better on the outside! The baby cream was also great when little one was really little and you can't use many products on their brand new skin. I can highly recommend Amanda and her placenta services. She made the whole collection and delivery process so easy and offered real support at a time of great change.

From the very first time I contacted Amanda she's been so kind and professional. Being slightly sceptical about having my placenta made into pills, Amanda's knowledge made me confident it was beneficial. This was my first child so not knowing how I was going to feel after so I gave it a go. I had no energy loss, no fatigue, abundance of milk supply that my baby never lost weight only gained. I would recommend this service to anyone and will definitely be doing it again with any more pregnancies. I'm sad I've finally run out.


I am really happy that I decided to go ahead with the placenta encapsulation. I had a natural water birth but had second degree tearing and lots quite a bit of blood. The placenta pills have helped me recover quickly and helped restore what I lost. I've felt strong post birth and been able to breastfeed from day one. My milk has been coming through easily and our little boy has been thriving because of it. Also my skin, nails and hair are all glowing and I've been getting a lot of compliments because of it. I believe all of this is because of the nutrients I am getting from the placenta pills and I would recommend it to anyone who is having a baby. The service that you provide Amanda is amazing and I was very impressed to have the pills at my doorstep only a couple of days after giving birth. My husband still praises you for how lovely and kind you were when he met you at the hospital which only adds to our experience. I would definitely go ahead with placenta encapsulation if I get pregnant again.

My placenta pills have finished!!!!!!!! I can't believe how quick the last 6 weeks have gone!</p><p>Thank you so much for Eliza and my products - still using the balm everyday on her soft skin for nappy changes and after baths- and also now using on my caesarean scar hoping it works its magic . Such an amazing little pot! (Tempted to pop on the husbands crows feet while he's asleep as an experiment - after all the placenta - it is such good stuff!!!)</p><p>The placenta pills lifted my energy, mood and I felt so much better this time even after having an unexpected cesearen birth compared to my son, who I had 4 years ago. </p><p>I would recommend to everyone who is pregnant and if your unsure I'd say go for it!!!! Placenta practice are professional , friendly , polite and most of all treat the whole process start to finish with that added personal touch.

We were very pleased with the service that we received from Amanda. We did a lot of research beforehand and we were impressed by Amanda's credentials, professionalism and the amount of information on her website. The collection of my placenta from the hospital was fast and efficient, and the placenta capsules arrived within a few days, beautifully packaged with a really sweet keepsake with our son's name on it which was a lovely touch. As this is my first baby, I don't have another experience to compare this too, but my milk came in quickly with no problems with supply, and apart from a brief expected bout of baby blues at around 10 days post-partum, my mood has been stable and calm despite the sleep deprivation! If we are lucky enough to have a second child, we fully intend to have Amanda encapsulate the placenta

I could not recommend Amanda's service highly enough. Approaching the birth of my first child all communication with Amanda was to such a high standard and so fully supportive. Every ounce of information received gave both my husband and I every confidence we were making the right choice to encapsulate my placenta. Once received I truly called and came to believe these to be my 'magic' pills. That MY body had created, and given the truest meaning of life to my daughter. To know that this wonderful organ still was giving to us filled me with excitement and faith. I did not suffer one moment of baby blues, my milk came in thick and fast (which was a relief as my daughter was a gannet) I felt rested and full of energy despite no sleep. In amongst 5 other women who I had become friends with, I was the only one to have a wonderfully smooth transition into motherhood. And I absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt feel this can mostly be attributed to my 'magic' pills. Once my pills were finished I was so disappointed! Now, all of this maybe reasonably spiritually led, and it is. But to me the facts are staggering, go look for yourself and whilst you're at it, only consider using a high quality service, with support, guidance and care, as you will receive from Amanda at the Placenta Practice. Oh and make sure at the very least to get the balm! Its a wonder!! We can't thank you enough for the service we received, I won't even consider not using you again should we have another baby.

Hi Amanda, we're really good thank you and loving life with the 4 of us. I'm feeling we'll both physically and mentally since having her and have been taking 6 capsules a day which hopefully made an impact on my milk coming in on day 3-4 despite the c-section. I've been using the balm on Pearl's hands which are very dry as she was 2/52 overdue and have also been using it to massage her with and relax her at night and it smells amazing! Thank you.</p><p>Honestly I feel so good! Better now than in late pregnancy. I've not had much sleep in a week for obvious reasons (!!) but my skin is glowing. I've not had any blue days or cried at all. I'm singing the praises of placenta encapsulation to everyone I know! I will be recommending placenta encapsulation to everyone!! Xx

I had a great time with placenta encapsulation, It really helped me with my energy levels in the post partum period. I was anaemic before my birth and I felt that the placenta capsules helped me with my iron levels. I certainly noticed when I missed a day or two.

The whole placenta encapsulation process was extremely well explained so I knew what I had to do and what to expect. I was provided with lots of information about the benefits. The ‘hand-over” was easily arranged and felt very comfortable entrusting Amanda with my placenta.