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I felt surprisingly up-beat after my baby was born. I had produced large quantities of milk, which has enabled me to accumulate milk in the freezer. My bleeding has lasted appox 5 days and was very light. Overall I have had a quicker emotional and physical recover compared to my first birth when I didn’t encapsulate my placenta. I haven’t felt drained, and I haven’t suffered from tiredness during the day, despite the night-time feeding.

Hi Amanda, I'm very well thank you... I am taking 2 to 3 tablets a day and everything seems fine and dandy! I also used the balm. On baby nappy rash and that worked a treat so all good on all fronts :). Thank you again for sorting it all out so quickly for me.

Everything is really great for us. We have called our baby boy Zev! He is two weeks old today and putting on weight and sleeping very well. The pills have been working a treat for me. No teary days. Stomach flat. Lots of energy. We've been out the house every other day and my husband went back to work today and I'm confident home alone (although sad to be without him!) I'm still on the simple pills and not taking any other supplements. By the way I've recommended you to everyone!


Hi Amanda, I know it's still early days, but I'm noticing a huge difference this time compared to when I had my first daughter. I have a plentiful milk supply (I struggled last time to have enough) and I feel really positive, present and connected to my baby (last time this whole period passed in a bit of a haze, and things subsequently went downhill). So, so far a huge thumbs up from me for the placenta tablets. I'm really glad I did it, and hopefully things will continue going well. Thank you!!

Amanda was there to answer my questions both pre and post birth. Being a vegetarian my greatest concern was what they would taste like - the great news is they taste of nothing! </p><p>The encapsulation seemed daunting particularly around the logistics but Amanda clearly explained the process and put my mind at ease immediately and it was carried out so quickly my pills were ready before I left the hospital just 48 hours after the birth.

I took them for the first few weeks and then decreased my dose. I felt a cloud come over me and contacted Amanda who responded immediately - her advice was to increase my dose again and within two days that cloud had lifted. I have known people who are suffered from post natal depression and I honestly believe the placenta pills stopped me from getting it!

I was also told by my midwife that my milk may take longer to come in (3-5 days) because I had a caesarean however about 12 hours after my first dose just 48 hours after the birth it came in and I have been successfully breastfeeding my baby for four months.

Thank you so much Amanda for making me feel so reassured about the whole process and for doing such an incredible thing for new mothers!

After hearing about such amazing results from Placenta Encapsulation from a friend, I had decided to research for myself the benefits. I came across your website which I found incredibly informative and along with other research I felt there were so many health benefits that this could provide to both my baby and me - I would be silly not to try. Once I had made contact with you I was confident I was in the best hands. Your service was impeccable. The results of the pills .... the list is endless! From my body healing, milk production and weight loss to my overall wellbeing. Everyday I began to feel stronger and I truly believe this was down to the goodness in my placenta pills. Thank you again for your help and your kind service. I cannot recommend this enough.

Having suffered from post natal depression after the birth of my first child I was eager to try anything that might help or even prevent that when having my second, and so decided to try placenta encapsulation. I am so glad I did, and believe that taking them made a world of difference. The process was very simple and I was able to start taking the tablets a couple of days after the birth. My experience this time around has been incredibly different - I have had good energy levels and most importantly I have felt like myself, and have been able to enjoy the precious early months with my baby, something that post natal depression robbed me of with my first baby.

Thank you Amanda for providing such a wonderful service. My Placenta pills were special delivered within 48 hours along with my Placenta balm, such a professional service. The pills definitely aided my wellbeing, made me more positive, calmer and more in control of my moods. The Placenta balm has made such a difference on my baby girl's cradle cap which was all over her forehead, it went within a couple of days. I now keep on top of any dryness with daily applications, I find it invaluable. So many friends wish they had known about Placenta encapsulation as they see me so upbeat all the time and want some of this good stuff. So happy I came across you. I would recommend you to any future mothers.

I did a lot of research into placenta encapsulation and was at first disheartened that I couldn’t find any conclusive medical studies to support the claimed benefits. However, I also couldn’t find anything to suggest that it was dangerous, provided that a reputable service provider was used, which is why I chose you. You were also very patient with my endless questions! I took the raw capsules and, whether it’s coincidence or not, I did not experience any significant hormonal fluctuations following the birth of my son. I am glad that I decided to go for it, and I would recommend you highly to anyone else interested in encapsulation.

Amanda made the whole process extremely easy. She collected my placenta swiftly and before I knew it I had the capsules in my hand!