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I wondered whether my placenta would be useable as I ended up having an emergency C-section but Amanda assured us it would be fine, and it was.

Amanda was such a great help, listening to my questions no matter how silly I thought they were. Her instructions were clear for both me and the midwives at the hospital. It was dealt with, with ease and professionalism.

I am so happy I decided to get my placenta encapsulated third time around. It made such an enormous difference to my emotional wellbeing and energy levels in the postpartum period. I genuinely felt really, really well and managed to avoid the infamous day 3 dip altogether. I would 100% recommend using Amanda and indeed tell all my clients about her; she was professional, friendly and managed a super fast turnaround. If I ever have another baby I'm going to give the smoothie a go!"

Siobhan Miller, Hypnobirthing teacher, Founder of The Positive Birth Company.


Amanda was very helpful from the time of my first enquiry and answered my questions promptly and thoroughly. Service overall was speedy and professional including collection of placenta and delivery of capsules. I feel far more energised post-birth even with a toddler at home to chase around this time, and will recommend placenta encapsulation to all my mum-to-be friends, and highly recommend Amanda's services

Having read an article in the Hampshire Chronical regarding Placenta Encapsulation I decided to give it a go. I have felt so much more up-beat than after my first pregnancy. I have felt less anxious and friends have commented on how ‘perky” i am. I have managed the sleep deprivation far better, and overall have greater energy levels. My bleeding stopped much sooner than my first pregnancy.

People say you will be anaemic, exhausted and feel really low following the birth of your baby. I had my placenta encapsulated and have had none of these symptoms. I am sure my placenta tablets have prevented me going through all of those things-and encapsulation is totally NOT gross! You just take a little tablet.

Amanda-my milk supply is out of this world!! I think its down to the placenta pills. The two nurses who are working with me are so impressed by my recovery and supply and I have attributed it all to the placenta pills. I have been recommending placenta encapsulation to everyone.

I am getting on really well with the placenta capsules. They have helped me physically heal and most definitely helped me emotional which was my biggest concern. God knows what state I would have been in if I haden’t taken the placenta capsules!

I'm doing well and recovering from the csection aswell. I've had a few bluesy days which are to be expected but I feel much better than I did after having the boys. My mum has commented on how well I'm bonding with Noa and how much more relaxed I am. I'm enjoying taking the capsules, they feel like my little treasures just for me Love that they looked after my baby girl so beautifully when she was inside me and now they are repairing me.

Hi Amanda, I defiantly think the placenta pills have worked wonders for me. I definitely still had teary days but generally I've had loads more energy than I thought I would, my milk supply is incredible and I definitely think I'd be anaemic if I hadn't taken them .. I'm so glad I decided to take them.