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Thank you Amanda for answering all the questions! I am very happy I heard about placenta encapsulation and it was a right decision. The smoothie kept me going over the post-natal days in the hospital and the pills gave me lots of energy and overall feel-good. Definitely will use the service again in future, as it feels so natural having those placenta pills becoming part of the birthing experience.

I have had my placenta prepared by Amanda twice and she has always provided exceptional service. Amanda is professional, efficient and very friendly! She makes the whole process really easy. I feel that getting my placenta prepared really helped with my recovery with my first and reduced the onset of PND which has been present within my family. Being able to replace all those hormones, minerals, vitamins and antibodies lost by delivery of the placenta, it just makes sense to replenish those nutrients and this is the perfect way to do it! I highly recommend!

I am so glad you provided your services to me, I looked at many possible people .....I just had a gut instinct to pick you, ;-) I felt I clicked with you - I’ve gotta say I felt totally different after this birth compared to how I felt after my previous baby. I don’t think we will have anymore babies......but if we do I would be calling you again!! :-) & would highly recommend you to anyone I think could also benefit from the service you provide! Xxx


My milk has come in!!! And I feel like I have energy ,which is battling against the tiredness of a baby who has no routine yet! So hopefully the capsules are making a difference.

I can see from Instagram Placenta Practice is busier than ever which is brilliant. Just wanted to let you know how well I have felt since the birth of the twins, my recovery has been great and I am managing to breastfeed both babies, I have no doubt that my placenta capsules have contributed to this. Thank you for such a hassle free and professional service.

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for your service and support. Approaching the birth of our little girl I had the added confidence I needed knowing I would be benefiting from my very own placenta. Giving myself and our daughter the best start to our journey. I've felt mostly fantastic since having her, and I am certain I have you and the placenta pills to thank for that.

I've been so pleased and grateful to have my placenta pills, thank you. As I lost lot blood in theatre -ironically getting the placenta out!- and because of my fatigue and iron levels. I'm sure they've helped all that and my milk too which was slow at the start so I upped your pills. Mollys got tounge tie so has made last week feeding until we found out very hard work and Tiring so glad on them for that too. Wish I had more! Thanks very much. I've recommended you to several friends already.

I haven't had any massive hormone changes or been overly emotional, although I didn't have that when I was pregnant. I'm having two pills in the afternoon and two pills in the evening as I take a multivitamin in the morning which has iron. So far so good!

I am feeling so much better now and lots of energy. My husband and I were thinking that the placenta capsules really helped to make me feel this great. Thank you so much and we have been really happy with the service you have provided us. You have been brilliant and I will definitely be recommending you.

I can't thank you enough for encapsulating my placenta. I was told yesterday that my iron level was significantly higher than it was when I left the hospital and I'm confident that my placenta capsules have played a huge part in that and in keeping the baby blues at bay. I had much more energy than I thought I'd have at this stage and I can't think what else could be responsible for that. I would definitely use your services again and recommend it to friends. Many thanks again.