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I've been taking the capsules since they arrived last week and just wanted to tell you how much my mood has improved, I was feeling a little down but the placenta tablets seem to have helped so much. Also I developed pretty bad mastitis and was prescribed antibiotics. Being allergic to the usual kind, the ones prescribed would have come out in my milk and wouldn't be very nice for baby so I decided against taking them and just stuck to the capsules, within two days the mastitis completely cleared up and the midwife was amazed! Thank you so much!

Everything is going really well and I feel fab! All healing and my overall mood and well being is Great, I am certain this is down to the placenta pills. I'm super pleased that I chose to do this and thank you for the fantastic service you have given us - i would recommend to all! Thanks again.

I can see from Instagram Placenta Practice is busier than ever which is brilliant. Just wanted to let you know how well I have felt since the birth of the twins, my recovery has been great and I am managing to breastfeed both babies, I have no doubt that my placenta capsules have contributed to this. Thank you for such a hassle free and professional service.


The placenta pills are great - I notice they really help balance out my hormones ( I didn't take them one day and felt quite emotional and overwhelmed) I've got more energy and my blood loss is nothing compared to what o had with my daughter. Also on days my son is feeding more I up the pills to two, 3 times a day and really feel the difference. I will definitely be recommending you to any of my friends who fall pregnant in the future.

Thank you for your placenta encapsulation services, it was fast and easy, which is great. I actually feel really amazing since I've started taking my placenta pills, I take 3 pills twice a day at the moment and my energy levels and mood is high. Also my milk supply is amazing, enough to feed both babies well and freeze some too. My husband also noticed that I've recovered from birth really quickly and don't have mood swings or blues that could be expected with hormone levels changing. So overall I'm very pleased with an outcome. Would definitely recommend to my friends your services. Thank you again.

First few days were hard mentally/ emotionally but I started taking the capsules the day they arrived and I'm definitely feeling better with each day. I'm pretty much physically recovered from the birth now which is great and I have noticed that my nails are strong and growing really well which I have never had in my life! so pretty happy about that.

I lost a lot of blood during the delivery so I really think the placenta capsules will be helping with the recovery (I'm careful not to take them at the same time as my iron tablets) so I'm very pleased I decided to go ahead with it. Thank you very much for the amazing service, you made it so easy amidst the craziness that is having a baby! I'll be recommending you to any of my pregnant friends who wish to make the most of their placenta .

Thanks Amanda. I am well, definitely less anxious and in a brighter mood with this baby than last time! We shall see how I cope next week when I am on my own with the two kids ('my mum has been staying). The capsules have helped I think, j noticed an upswing in energy after I took the first one. Now onto the Chinese recipe ones. Marion.

Amanda, thanks a million for the service you provided which was excellent! The placenta capsules has helped a lot with my healing and am sure will continue to do so. My husband has even recommended you to his two pregnant colleagues as he talked about it!

So far I feel really good. I'm not as exhausted as thought, no tears and my milk production is fantastic! I've told everyone about your service! I don't have any more pregnant friends at the moment but as soon as I do i’ll recommend Placenta Practice.