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Why placenta encapsulation in London is on the rise?

Placenta encapsulation in London is extremely popular. We regularly collect placentas from new mums who have given birth at various London hospitals.

We have been collecting placentas for some years from the Portland Hospital and the Lindo Wing at St Mary’s Hospital. These are both private hospitals but I have just as many placenta encapsulation clients at UCLH and Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, which is one of the oldest maternity hospitals in Europe.

My personal favourites in London are Chelsea & Westminster and St Thomas’ Hospital, and I find we collect from them on a weekly basis. Of course, London placenta encapsulation takes us across the capital, so we are happy to come to wherever you are.

Are you based in London and considering placenta encapsulation?

Your placenta has incredible healing powers and encapsulating it in placenta remedies can pamper and protect you and your baby. We will collect your placenta and carefully treat it to create amazing nourishing capsules, creams and balms.

So it’s no surprise that placenta encapsulation in London is on the rise.

All products will be uniquely made for you, with personalised healing, nourishing and nurturing properties. It’s essential that you choose a London placenta encapsulation specialist who is highly qualified and clinically safe, and that’s where my experience comes in.

Can I use hospital fridges to store my placenta?

Unfortunately an overwhelming number of hospitals will not store your placenta in their fridges. Some simply do not have the capacity, others simply refuse. This can put clients in a difficult position on such an important day. For this reason we recommend all client purchase our Placenta Collection Kit to safely store the placenta after birth.

Safe placenta encapsulation in London

I am trained and certified by the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network (IPEN) and a member of the Placenta Remedies Network (PRN). Placenta Practice was the UK’s first placenta remedies company to be registered and audited by Environmental Health Office. This means Placenta Practice is amongst the very safest companies you can choose to prepare you placenta remedies.

There has been some press coverage about placenta encapsulation services being another fashionable London fad, but I work with mums from all over the south of England, and I’m convinced it is here to stay. After all, they talk excitedly about the benefits they say they have felt, such as increased energy, better skin, reduced bleeding and quicker return of uterus to pre-pregnancy size. Click here to see what our clients say.

Susie Verille, partner of British athlete and Olympic Gold medal winner Greg Rutherford MBE, was a recent client and has written a blog about using us for her placenta encapsulation and the overall experience. You can read her blog here.

Placenta collection in London

We offer free collection as standard, with optional quicker collections for your convenience. We have three collection services: Bronze which is free of charge, followed by Silver and Gold, which are both optional extras.

Benefits of our Silver and Gold services are that there is no need for your partner to go home with the placenta after a certain time; that most London hospitals will not allow you to store your placenta in their fridge; and that processing is quicker, so we preserve more of the goodness and you receive your remedies sooner.

So if you're considering London placenta encapsulation, please get in touch and I can answer all your questions.


"Amanda has been really professional and kind in explaining the whole process in details. The kit was super handy to store the placenta and allowed us not to worry about the logistics bits.

Our baby was a little premature, but Amanda made herself available immediately upon request.

I am anaemic and had lost quiet some blood while giving birth. I have been taking the placenta pills for almost two months now and my haemoglobin levels went back to normal after few weeks and I got my energy back. Also, I experienced very little baby blues (less than a day). I definitely recommend Amanda and placenta encapsulation!" London placenta encapsulation services client

"I didn’t use Placenta Practice with my first born as the process just hadn’t been on my radar. However, during my second pregnancy, I’d heard more and more people recommending it and decided to research further myself. I’m so, so glad I did. My recovery and mental wellbeing were entirely different to how I felt the first time around and there was no crash of hormones or ‘adjustment’ period; just a mum with an additional baby. I decided not to take the capsules for a few days to check whether or not they were doing their job and felt a real drop in energy and mood, so I’m definitely of the opinion they have a positive impact during those first few, exhausting weeks.

I can’t praise Amanda highly enough; she’s professional, thorough and on hand should you ever need any questions answered. I love her reason for starting the company (her mother’s PND); it means she’s invested in each woman on a personal level and her business is driven by the desire to help mums rather than making money. Everything’s very simple, taken care of and I’ll definitely be using her services again should I go on to have further children" Susie Verille

“I have used Amanda’s service to encapsulate my placenta and bought the products of traditional Chinese medicine placenta capsules and placenta cream for mum. I have been using both products for 4 months by now and I m so pleased to see some visible effects as the capsules really made difference to my milk supply and the cream is very easy to absorb, leaving my skin fully energised and hydrated. Amanda is also very helpful in providing support in a timely manner. Highly recommend Amanda’s products and her service” Client St Thomas’ Hospital, Westminster Bridge, London

“I researched Placenta Encapsulation a great deal before organising it for myself. Placenta Practice fulfilled all of the criteria for me based up health, safety, qualifications and quality of product. One of my main concerns was that my husband would have to undertake quite a few of the errands associated with this after the birth. I should not have worried, he stated that the midwives were happy to assist him obtaining the placenta, and then after this Placenta Practice were easy to communicate with, swift and very professional” Client Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Kensington Wing, Chelsea, London

“We found Amanda and placenta practice very professional and helpful in not only our choices but with communication and delivery. I have felt good, tiredness is minimum considering a newborn and toddler to look after. The cream was amazing for our son. A must for a winter baby. The essence really helps soothes and the pills really have help boost me. I have recommended this service and Amanda to so many people already. It feels like it should be what we all do once given birth, a natural way of helping mother and baby.Thank you Amanda” Client University College London Hospitals (UCLH) London